Bonus Material: Vinyl Preview + V&A Museum

Very sorry but I’ve been insanely busy this week and unable to bring you an episode of Theatre of The Unconscious. I promise I’ll be back next week and you won’t want to miss the action-packed comic I’ve got planned. In the meantime I’ll give you a sneak peek of my next vinyl toy project and some pictures of cool stuff from a recent visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum, probably my favourite place in all of London. The header pic is from a sketch of Doff in samurai armour that I drew in the Japan gallery.

Always give your vinyl toys a soapy soak before working on them.

coming soon...

Sculpture at the entrance to the V&A.

Doff checks out a gorilla made entirely of wire coat hangers, part of the Power of Making exhibit.

Puppet theatre behind the current Annie Lennox exhibition.

I make a clay pigeon (geddit?) at the design festival.

Doff makes one too.

very... aerodynamic?


Welcome to Die

Hello and welcome to my blog. At the moment I’ll be filling it with writings on a range of my own interests such as comics, video games, illustration, music etc. until hopefully it crystallises into something a bit more focused. I’ll also be using it as a showcase for my own work and the things I’m learning in the process of making it. There is also a webcomic and some regular features I’m looking to start producing in the near future. I will be aiming to keep to a schedule of a new post every 3-5 days. Expect plenty of spelling mistakes and bad humour.