Mini Dofferina

The header image above is of Doffers getting stuck in a bootleg Pokemon kids ride, wearing her favourite wolf hat. Taking inspiration from her choice in animal headgear and her life in ballet I came up with my next design.

Read on to see how little Doffers comes to life. Continue reading

Doodley Cephalopod

My next toy design came about when the Foomi figure I was looking at fell over and I noticed its spiked head looked a bit like a squid or cuttlefish’s tentacles. I was already considering a graffiti/doodle style for the toy but decided to also incorporate some cuttlefish-esque features to make it a bit more interesting if you looked at it from different angles.

Here’s the initial sketch. I simply scribbled away, drawing whatever came to mind until all the space was filled. I would have drawn straight on the vinyl but I needed to get a rough idea of spacing and what looked better. Read on to see how it turned out. Continue reading

Doffers’ Theatre of the Unconscious #2

It’s time for my second installment of Doffers aka The D-Man’s dreams in comic form, now IN COLOUR with even more ANTARCTIC DWELLING CREATURES! Although I have a terrible eye for colour, looking at the super-vibrant work of the incredible Dan Hipp inspired me to at least add a little bit of colour to this one. This comic takes place at night, which also allowed me to keep it simple and muted. Click the image for a larger view.

I was told specifically that it was the Danny DeVito version of The Penguin from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns so that’s who I tried to depict, but turning it down a few notches on the creepy factor. 

Thumbnails, pencil sketch, completed inks, and notes after the jump. Thanks for looking and see you next week. Continue reading

Abusing toys is my new hobby

Writer Dave Barry said that the four building blocks of the universe are fire, water, gravel and vinyl. I’m certain he was referring to records but standing in front of a tall glass cabinet full of vinyl art toys in London’s Forbidden Planet several months ago I suddenly felt the need for vinyl in my universe. I had no previous interest in toy customisation, despite being an admirer of the work of many artists involved in toy design, but ended up walking out with a blank white Raffy toy produced by Kidrobot. When I then discovered that there was a dedicated kidrobot store nearby, I soon had accumulated nine toys, one of each blank model they make.

So now I enjoy designing custom toys and here’s how I made my first one (with the assistance of the great folks at the kidrobot Munny forum), which I call Cherry Blossom Fawn. Continue reading

The Sentinel of Liberty and I.

After watching Captain America: The First Avenger at the cinema last night – a film I found to be great fun – I thought it would be interesting to look back at my own personal experience with the character, starting as a young British comics fan. I’ll also explain why my fondness for the character has grown, and share five of my favourite moments featuring the Star-Spangled Avenger. Continue reading

Doffers’ Theatre of the Unconscious #1

Here’s the first of a new series of comics based on the incredibly bizarre dreams of Doffers. This is my illustrated interpretation based on her own descriptions. This particular dream made me realise the high entertainment value in her slumbertime adventures, and may also give the reader some unknown insights into the workings of her twisted mind. I’ve been collecting notes on the best ones, gathering plenty of material for future installments. Hopefully I’ll post a new comic every week.

Notes on process after the jump. Continue reading

Objection! Courtroom drama with Phoenix Wright

Waiting outside a local county court today, various courtroom moments from television came to mind such as Sideshow Bob decrying someones truth-handling abilities and Bob Loblaw lobbing law bombs, but when it comes to gaming, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is Exhibit A. Continue reading

Welcome to Die

Hello and welcome to my blog. At the moment I’ll be filling it with writings on a range of my own interests such as comics, video games, illustration, music etc. until hopefully it crystallises into something a bit more focused. I’ll also be using it as a showcase for my own work and the things I’m learning in the process of making it. There is also a webcomic and some regular features I’m looking to start producing in the near future. I will be aiming to keep to a schedule of a new post every 3-5 days. Expect plenty of spelling mistakes and bad humour.