Hi and welcome to my blog.

I like comics, video games, illustration, and custom toys, so that’s what you’ll find here until hopefully it crystallises into something a bit more focused. I’ll also be using it as a showcase for my own work and the things I’m learning in the process of making it.

I’ve started a webcomic, Doffers’ Theatre of the Unconscious, which runs every week or so. It stars my companion cube, known to many as Doffers, Doff or The D-Man, and is my interpretation of her own descriptions of the unusual dreams she has, that I generally find highly entertaining.

I will be aiming to keep to a schedule of a new post every 3-5 days. Thanks for reading and if you like what you see please subscribe using the buttons on the right of the main page.

You can get in touch with me at jubilantfawn@gmail.com.


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