Doffers’ Theatre of the Unconscious #5

The fifth in a series of comics detailing the slumber-time adventures of a madwoman. This week’s comic is a bit of a cheat in that it only has one panel. But I reckon it’s a pretty good panel, and it tells you the whole story. Nothing much interesting or comprehensible happens in the rest of the dream but at least I got the chance to draw one very cool image.

That’s Doff rescuing my dog, Suzie, who can be seen in the post banner above too. In-progress pics and notes on some new inking and colouring techniques after the jump.

Once again massively indebted to Mr Dan Hipp (there’s link to his blog on the homepage), whose work got me into colouring my work in the first place. This time I wanted to mimic his wild colour palettes.

One thing I found particularly challenging was drawing the heels. I think I drew high heeled shoes for the first time just last week and they looked horrendous. This time turned out a little better but I was surprised how tricky it was to draw these type of shoes.

After the pencil stage I noticed a lot of my usual black pens were running low on ink so I decided to try an untested Copic Multiliner 0.3 which I’d recieved in a multipack of brush pens. It produced an effortlessly smooth line, almost too smooth for someone who likes to dig into the page as much as me. If it was a bit thicker and rougher it might be perfect for me so I’ll have to keep my eye out for wider nib versions.

Due to my ink deficiency I had to leave filling in the black sections to photoshop. This is something I hate to miss out on as it makes editing and correcting a little bit trickier for a photoshop novice such as myself. Plus I like making a mess with pens and brushes.

First I coloured as normal (paintbucket, pencil mainly), first creating a copy of the black layer which i could place over any messy colouring later. Next I created a duplicate of the coloured layer which I then placed a purple-orange gradient over. Reducing the opacity of this layer gives the image the changing hues. Finally I create another duplicate layer which I change from normal to a screen layer. The screen layer allows you to adjust the brightness of the image or add another colour to saturate the entire image. Flatten and done.

That is all, see you next week and thanks for looking.


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