Another Munny toy project. This time I took inspiration from Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s TeZukA production which I went to see a few weeks ago. I’ll most likely write about the show for my next piece but for now here’s a toy I quickly put together which took design ideas from the poster for the performance. Here’s my initial sketch.

I was trying to recreate the sketchy feel of the drawing on the actual toy so it kept a sort of rough look (plus my hands are really shaky). Keep reading to see the final result…

And as night creeps in…

…it glows in the dark!

Sorry about the terrible pictures but I’m no photographer and I had to fiddle about with camera settings for ages to get anything to show in the darkness.

It was painted with Posca paint markers on a glow in the dark Mini Munny. The GID material is slightly different to the normal vinyl and I found it doesn’t hold the paint as well so I would recommend priming the areas you are going to paint on if you’re planning to make a more precise design on a GID Munny.

Thanks for looking and if you’ve got any tips for working on GID vinyl toys please pass them on.


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