Mini Dofferina

The header image above is of Doffers getting stuck in a bootleg Pokemon kids ride, wearing her favourite wolf hat. Taking inspiration from her choice in animal headgear and her life in ballet I came up with my next design.

Read on to see how little Doffers comes to life.

Using a kidrobot Trikky toy which has a cat shaped head, I was able to include the hat without any additional sculpting. Choosing the colour of the leotard was a sticking point so I just asked the D-man herself what colour she’d like and we settled on purple. Getting the right ratio of hat to face was a little difficult so I marked out the placement of features on the head as precisely as I could before applying paint.

It was also quite challenging to draw on the ballet shoes (pointe shoes with accurate ribbons) as the legs were so short.

Here’s the finished article with a tutu made from a Claire’s Accessories hair bobble (NOT hairband – Doffers).

My favourite part has to be the tail. Just like she’s on some Black Swan type biznis.

Thanks for reading. You stay classy, San Diego.

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