Doodley Cephalopod

My next toy design came about when the Foomi figure I was looking at fell over and I noticed its spiked head looked a bit like a squid or cuttlefish’s tentacles. I was already considering a graffiti/doodle style for the toy but decided to also incorporate some cuttlefish-esque features to make it a bit more interesting if you looked at it from different angles.

Here’s the initial sketch. I simply scribbled away, drawing whatever came to mind until all the space was filled. I would have drawn straight on the vinyl but I needed to get a rough idea of spacing and what looked better. Read on to see how it turned out.

Transferring the design onto the toy was trickier than I anticipated due to the 3D surface offering more or less area for the doodles to fit, meaning I had to improvise to fill certain sections and cut out other parts when I ran out of space. The result therefore slightly differs from the plan but retains the style I was going for. Done totally with Posca pens of various sizes.

I had a lot of fun making this one. It’s a gift to my sister, however due to the same varnishing problems I mentioned in my last toy post, it’s still waiting to be finished. I know some of the linework looks scratchy close-up but please bear in mind that these munnyworld figures are only about 4 inches tall. Anyway, let me know what you think.

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